About Juanita Bright BrightWerks Photography Victoria British Columbia

Juanita Bright is a photographer, sculptor, and watermedia artist from British Columbia, Canada, whose passion for nature, its patterns and rhythms, is expressed in her creations. She draws on the resonance within each subject to reflect its unique and vibrant essence.

Her focus is on nature, moodscapes, and creating contemporary sculptures from a variety of stone: alabaster, soapstone, pyrophyllite, calcite, and serpentine. In addition to her photography and art, Juanita expresses herself through music and writing. Her images have been published nationally and her art works are in private collections in Canada.

Involved in the Fine Arts for over 20 years, Juanita is a graduate of the University of Victoria and has studied with various artists including: contemporary acrylic and sculpture artist, Petronella van den Berg, and Canadian landscape artist and cartoonist/illustrator, Rick Cepella.